Best Satellite Internet Service Providers

best-satellite-servicesFor those US residents who don’t have any access to cable or DSL internet, the plausible solution is acquiring the services of a satellite internet service provider. Satellite internet services, however, are not created equal although almost all of the providers claim to be the best satellite internet service provider.

Some residents noted that the worst satellite internet connection is 50x better than the highest speed dial-up connection. While the connection is not that fast, the performance of satellite internet connections is also comparable to that of high speed connections. Some of the things that you can do are downloading large files in seconds, watching movies in HD, listening to wireless internet radio and updating iPod or iPad’s software.

Satellite internet services are very affordable which is good because a fast internet connection is no longer a luxury today – it’s a necessity. Fortunately, there is always a plan to fit any budget. There are one-way and two-way satellite plans. You can install one-way satellite if your budget is tight. However, you are going to need a technician to install a two-way satellite.

Further, there are at least four choices of satellite service providers namely WildBlue, HughesNet, Starband and Skyway. One of these providers can be the meet your internet needs and can be the best internet service provider for you.

Satellite Internet Companies

WildBlue is one of the largest providers in the US. Operating for over 6 years, the provider offers internet access speed of up to 1.5 mbps. WildBlue utilizes spot beam signal to reach as many residents in the US as possible. The basic service is 1 mbps and is priced at $69.95. WildBlue requires an activation fee of $99.95 and 24 months service commitment. WildBlue installs for free.

HughesNet is considered as the largest internet provider with almost 500,000 subscribers. HughesNet is the oldest satellite service provider having been in the business for over 30 years now. The basic service is 1 mbps which costs $59.99. HughestNet offers 30 days money-back guarantee. It also offers the options to lease or buy the equipment. HughesNet also installs for free.

Starband offers satellite services to the US and Canada as well as to Central America, Caribbean and Virgin Islands. Starband is in operation since 2000. Its basic service is 1 mbps which is available for $69.99 for 24 months or $79.99 for 12 months. An activation fee is not required. However, professional installation comes with a cost.

Skyway is another satellite internet provider. The difference is it offers one-way satellite service. Skyway offers the basic service of 1.5 mbps which costs $59.95. The provider requires an activation fee and professional installation fee at $25 and $100, respectively. The equipment package costs at $49. It can be also installed by yourself.

Other Satellite Services

Other satellite internet providers in the US that receive rave reviews from the users are Dish and Exede. Both providers offer three subscription plans which start from 5 mbps. However, Dish is mostly advisable for small to medium-sized homes while Exede is perfect for homes that download large data amounts. Exede provides satellite internet services of up to 12 mbps while Dish provides up to 10 mbps.

Regardless of where you live, there is a satellite internet provider for you. The best internet service provider has three features that you should look for. Perhaps, these are the reasons how the satellite internet industry in the US maintains higher levels of customer loyalty. This is true in every market that the providers service including local, national, urban and rural.

First, the provider must be offering fantastic download speeds. While there may be off-peak hours, the day-to-day speed should be consistently reaching the peak speed regardless of your location.

Second, the provider should offer professional installation in the promptest manner possible. The company must guarantee this perhaps within 24 hours of signing the subscription form. Also, the equipment should only be installed by a professional.

Third, the provider must make customer support available to future and existing clients. The availability of 24/7 customer support should be apparent so the clients may easily solve whatever minor problems he or she may be experiencing at the moment.

Sometimes, it is not enough that the provider is offering fast internet connections. That is the bottom line, but those providers that also offer options, add-on services and other features can be considered the best ones. These are the providers that put customer satisfaction as its topmost priority.

Once you found the best provider for you, stick with it. Enjoy the service provider and make sure to let them know of your concerns and recommendations to enhance the service. This is what a loyal customer does.